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The team

Jacques Bureau

Jacques Bureau founded Reweb Technologies in 2005, to capitalize on the expanding commercial possibilities of the Internet. With his special interests in programming and electronics, Jacques quickly observed that many web developers were computer and graphic technicians with little marketing savvy. He conceived Reweb Technologies as a more effective, marketing-focused alternative. During the past twelve years, Jacques has built a solid reputation for helping his clients develop and implement powerful, integrated online strategies to fit their needs.

Experienced in a broad spectrum of Internet technologies and systems, Jacques has collaborated with such diverse companies as Relizon Canada (www.relizon.ca),Pratt & Whitney Canada (www.pwc.ca), Bombardier (www.bombardier.ca), Hydro-québec (www.hydro.qc.ca) and Husky Corp(www.husky.ca).

Jean-Sébastien Goulet

Information technology consultant and co-founder of Reweb Technologies, Jean-Sebastien Goulet's expertise in programming and database design arises from many years of professional experience. In 1999 Jean-Sébastien was consulting for the millenium bug in companies such as Canadian National (www.cn.ca). Since then, his technical talents have benefited companies ranging from Relizon Canada (www.relizon.ca), now part of the Data Group of Companies, Pratt & Whitney Canada (www.pwc.ca), Groupe Laperrière & Verreault (www.glv.com), Astral Média (www.astral.com), as well as public entities such as the City of Laval school board (www.acti-jeuneslll.qc.ca) and international organisms such as The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (www.cec.org).

For the past years, Jean-Sébastien has served as an independent consultant providing web database integration, shopping carts, search engines and database driven web sites. A specialist in database design, Jean has implemented dozens of front-end Web designs using ColdFusion, ASP, Wordpress, Drupal, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, and Photoshop.